Lundberg Tech

Lundberg Tech is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of waste handling systems. Based on our outstanding granulator portfolio Lundberg Tech designs, manufactures and installs automated cutting and exhausting systems for trims, die-cutting and confetti waste for the various industries.


The Corona surface treatment is essential in converting processes. A quality Corona is necessary to ensure that perfect laminating and printing result we all want to see when looking at products at the end of the production line. Therefore our Corona systems are not only designed for our converting customers, but also for our customers’ customers, as our Corona systems help you obtain a flawless and long lasting quality print and lamination.

Kobelt Mfg.

Kobelt Mfg. Brakes, Controls & Steering

Kobelt Manufacturing supplies a broad range of rugged caliper disc brakes, marine controls and steering systems of the highest quality.  Kobelt is a Canadian-based manufacturing company, with over 50 years of experience developing and producing high quality products for the marine and industrial sectors. Kobelt has an extensive history of innovation and product development and works with a wide variety of regulatory and classification requirements around the world for system certifications and approvals. Click on the links below to learn more about Kobelt.


Since 1978, Convertech, Inc. has provided the wide and narrow web industry with the high-quality air shafts and chucks, reliable service, and the industry’s fastest delivery. Convertech has grown from a small, niche company to one of the leading manufacturers of wide and narrow web products.

Dover Flexo Electronics

Dover Flexo products, including transducers, tension rollers, indicators, amplifiers, controllers and brakes are used in unwind, rewind, and intermediate applications for any moving continuous material which undergoes an operation such as printing, coating, laminating, treating, metallizing, rewinding, unwinding, slitting, coating or other processes. Tension measurement and control systems for flexible packaging and paper, film and foil converting are our specialty.


Since 1906 DESCH has represented the leading edge of power transmission manufacturing. Our range of clutches, pulleys, couplings, plain bearings and planetary gearboxes are known internationally as the best in the business

Svenborg Brake

The Svendborg Brakes product range includes hydraulic brakes and power units, soft braking controls and couplings.


Deublin Company is the leading manufacturer of Rotating Unions, a mechanical device that allows transfer of pressurized fluid from a stationary source into rotating machinery for heating, cooling or transfer of fluid power.

The Donald E. Harman Company is the largest stocking distributor

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Wichita Clutch

Pneumatic Friction Clutches and Brakes

Air and Water-Cooled Clutches and Brakes.
Air Clutches for drilling and well servicing rigs;
large water-cooled brakes, Power Take Offs for large engines;
Clutch Pulleys for custom applications.

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