The Harman Company Difference

With expertise spanning three generations, the Harman Company will provide the finest quality repairs, components, and equipment in all aspects of the industry. Take a look at what we've been working on.


New High-Heat Capacity Kobelt Air-Cooled Brakes on a Cameron Slitter-Rewinder to run at 4500 Ft/Min

Equipment Repair

Rebuilt Wichita 24” Water Cooled Brake

Custom Builds

Custom designed and machined 8” Wichita Water Cooled Brakes to Fit Next to a Hydraulic Mandrel in close proximity


Dual Kobelt 5000 Series Caliper Disc Brakes on a tension roll in a steel processing line

Custom Builds

Custom Designed Retrofit on a Chicago Slitter with a 14” Wichita Pay-Off Clutch Inside a Dual-Disc Kobelt 5000 Series Brake System for Tensioning & E-Stop


New Kobelt 5100 Series Caliper Brake on a 2000 Ton National Forging Press

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We know manufacturing equipment. For six decades, we have provided the products, engineering, and support to get your equipment back up and running. With our large inventory centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we provide high-quality components to manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.

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