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Part Number SKU: 1479-100


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SKU: 1479-100


1479-100 – Deublin Union, Multi-Passage for Various Media

Flange Mount, 130mm OD

4x 1/2″ BSP Passages

Max Air Pressure – 150 PSI

Max Hydraulic Pressure – 850 PSI (Rotating)

Max Hydraulic Pressure – 3,600 PSI (Very Slow Rotating)

Max Speed – 250 RPM

Max Flow Per Passage – 28.5 gpm

Four Independent Passages for Applications Such As Clamping & Unclamping, Work Piece or Tool Sensing, and Spindle Cooling

Vent Between Passages 2 & 3 Allows for Use of Two Different Media Without Cross Contamination.

Stainless Steel & Brass Components Resist Corrosion

Hardened Chrome Sealing Surface and Elastomer-Energized Seals

Dual Widely Spaced Ball Bearings Absorb Large Side Loads


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