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Part Number SKU: 20609-100R1
20609-100 30182002


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SKU: 20609-100R1


20609-100R1 – Deublin OEM Factory Rebuild – Mechanical Seal Washpipe Assembly for Top Drives

4-6 week lead time required to complete repair process

4″ Bore

For use with the following drilling media types: Water Based, Synthetic Based & Oil Based

7500 PSI Max Working Pressure

250 RPM Max Speed

Includes – Factory rebuild of complete washpipe assembly, quality and performance testing, and a renewed 1 year manufacturer warranty from Deublin

E.L.S. (Extended Life Service) seal combination with Balanced Mechanical Seals

Top Drive Washpipe Assemblies Mfg. P/Ns – 30182002, M614003598, P611000051, P61100047, P11000059, P611000043, P11000049, P11000050, P611000137, P11000057, P611000062, 10700462, BA0073930

Washpipe Assembly Installed in the following Top Drive Models – TDX1250, TDX1000, TDS1000, HPS-02 750, HPS-1000, PS2-500, PS2-500A, PS2-650, PS2-750, PS2-750A, PSI-1000, TDS-4, TDS-8

Deublin Washpipe Assembly Part Number – 20609-100

Top Drive Mfg. Washpipe Assembly Part Number – 30182002


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