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We built a custom combination Clutch Brake assembly that is driven by a electric motor through a planetary gear box.  Used on a Calender machine for rubber manufacturing to hold tension with fine adjustment in order to run material down to .012″ thick.  We engineered a custom shaft, with a bearing carrier mounted to the sprocket and the brake drum, that drives the roll for rewinding, and holds the roll for unwinding.  We also engineered and installed a second Clutch-Brake Assembly on the backside of the machine so that material can be run back and forth through the machine until the desired result is achieved.

Wichita Clutch 8″ Special Ventilated Clutch –

Oilstates Industries 6″ Constricting Drum Bake


Due to demand, we’re updating our website with the ability to purchase some high volume products on our website. During the construction phase, the website or the e-commerce functions may not be operating properly. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please give us a call at 972-234-2021 if you run into any issues!

Warehouse facility in Houston, TX

We’ve recently opened a warehouse in Houston, TX to better serve our south Texas customers. We understand that if your CNC machine is down or your unwind needs clutch or brake parts, you can’t wait. The stock we hold is to serve our customers, give us a call and see how we can better assist you!

The Harman Company becomes agents for Pillar Technologies

We are proud to be the representatives for Pillar Technologies in the Southern U.S. Founded in 1966, Pillar Technologies leads the industry in new product development for the packaging, converting and plastic film-printing marketplace. As a division of ITW, our company has access to literally hundreds of products manufactured by over 600 business units within the family.